Friday, July 22, 2011


I think I counted 56 wheels on the prime mover and trailer....

Bowen, Queensland, Australia

Another part of organising my mother's affairs has been completed! 

A bank account closed and the full amount withdrawn. 

We [3 P of A's] all went to the building society to sort it out.   The woman behind the counter thought she knew it all and so this was the start of the problems.   Not enough signatures... we knew that!  

We didn't know that the account has to have  a transaction within 6 months to keep it viable.  A lot of money had been deducted because of inactivity.    When I returned to their office,  another very helpful woman told me of this.  She  said that she would email the head office and explain. 

Today I learnt that she had and the full amount has been restored..   Thank you!!!

AND.. my siblings actually got off their fat bums and did something for a change.
Talking of Fat Bums... I'm having an afternoon snack of amazing tasting Warnambool Vintage Cheese dipped in my Kumquat Jam..   Australia has beautiful cheeses. King Island, Devondale, Kenilworth, Milawa etc etc.


 I did not go to Tai Chi this morning..

  I am enjoying my solitude so much that I value every minute of it. Too good to be wasted.
This morning I vaccuum packed some dried vegetables.   My freezer has some spare room at last.  Not too empty' cause it is more economical to keep it full.  Less power used.  

Does any one else have all this crap in their freezers like I do??  A bit of this, some passionfruit pulp, some sliced mango, lemon juice, pasta and much more, too numerous to mention.

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