Thursday, July 21, 2011

Aaaaaaahhhh..... the solitude!

I am loving learning the new blogger. 

Thank you Mr Google!!!! 

My new car that I didn't really want. I loved my old Mitsubishi Magna.

I sit on my bed, heaps of pillows behind me,  my new laptop on a little lap kind of table, the winter, afternoon sun filters through the curtains and the cat sleeps on my folded jeans near the bottom of my bed.... 

A mug of coffee on the bedside table and "Bob's your uncle" as we say in Australia.  Which really means that all is well with my world.  Everything is hunky dory.  She's right, mate!

Got no idea where those sayings came from!  Australian slang.

Now, my laptop has been long wanted but I really couldn't justify the expense.  Not  a lot wrong with my desktop except it is slow and sounds  like a Canberra Jet Bomber taking off.  Also, about as big as same bomber.  
Now I have the lappie, it's like everything else I wait for..... why the hell didn't I get it years ago??
                                         Bloody Ms Scrooge,  that's me.

                        A friend's beautifully restored '57 Chevvy

I was happy with my old car but lots of pressure from the male of the household to look for a replacement.

Soooooooo now we have a Toyota Aurion Sportivo. This has bloody 17 inch tyres that will cost a fortune to replace and the last service cost $978.00!!!!!   I rest my case.  

                       BUT, it has a great name and  it is red and every one knows that red cars go faster.


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