Monday, July 11, 2011


I've got the bug for food drying or dehydrating,  whatever! 

  I get so excited to see all the tiny, unrecognizable veges   on the trays. 

I plan to try doing diced onion and some potatoes. They have to be par boiled first 
otherwise the potatoes go black and the onions take forever to dry out.

I've been watching You Tube  'how to' videos on the subject and
 I can tell you,  there are only just so many slow moving ones  I can look at!

I've never liked the theory side of subjects . Give me a practical demo any day!

I don't want to know how Aunt  Jessie got prizes for her preserves. 

I just need to know how she damn well did it.


Karen said...

Wow are they all yours!?!?!? Amazing if they are! Makes my few pots look quite inadequate! Let me know how the dehydration goes, anything that helps us keep food instead of throwing it away is good in my book! Take care, Karen x

Lydia La La said...

No Karen, they are from a heritage garden business called Digger's Seeds in Dromoyne. East of Melbourne. I wish.....
I freeze left overs and I also cook in bulk. If I make a stew, I make heaps and freeze the rest in meal sized containers.