Sunday, July 10, 2011

LIFE CONTINUES............

And so life goes on......

Most of the hurdles to get my mother's affairs in order have been completed.  
She is now in an aged care home  after spending 3 weeks in hospital with a debilitating bladder infection and neglect, both in hospital and out.   

  It has been a heart breaking journey for me.       A long story for another day.

I've been reading your blogs and loving them. 

My life is so much richer.  I've learnt about soapmaking and have made my first batch successfully.  Thanks Doc.  Also doc's recipe for boiled fruit cake that turns out every time.  I'm not really a cook even  though it was my work for some years.   Candle making too.

I've also learnt about heart ache and human endurance with such blogs as Magneto Bold Too.  She is an amazing mother and woman.  I only wish the very best for her. 

  I read The Furry Monkey about my friend Karen who is a cancer survivor but has so many side effects from the radiation and chemotherapy that it makes me angry as hell.   No one is to blame????

Then ... my all time favourites,  the sewing blogs!  

I look for inspiration there and it all looks so damn easy but, you and I know it isn't.    
I have enough fabric to clothe a small village!
  And 7 sewing machines????

 Like, how many hands do I have???  

  So today I stitched the ends of 17 elastic bands together in shorts and skirts.  I am thinking of having a market stall and thses kid's clothes will be for that. 
enough for today...

I have more blogs to read!!!



Natalie said...

Fantastic! I am sure your stall will be a huge success. x

Karen said...

How cute are they! Your stall will be sold out with all your creative talents on the sewing machine!