Thursday, July 14, 2011


                                                                We're hungry too.    What no spare food?                                                                                                             


I went to buy some groceries today and within the 10 day gap since my last visit to the supermarket, the prices have sky rocketed!!  
  (AND to make matters worse, the supermarket has it's air conditioning set to about frigging 17 or near that.   We freeze!   )


No effing idea.   

Fruit and Veg were at least 50cents a kilo more except for some fruit specials.    I bought a heap of frozen vegetables that work out so much cheaper and there is no preparation involved to ready them for cooking.

  I'm drying some  now also as my little freezer is chockers.    Still haven't got the big one fixed that ceased to work during a power surge in the huge Wet season in January.  You can't do things in a hurry, you know?


We have been building a mobile chicken coop.  ( I use the word "we" very loosely!}
This is for our friend across the creek who has  large families of Bantam poultry. Every one of them named! 
It is now completed in all its glory and is called,  The Mitchell Hilton.  
I'm going to paint a little sign to hang on it.   It is made from steel and is screwed down to within an inch of it's life..   Talk about overkill.

   Will post a photo tomorrow.

Off to dine tonight at the Sarina RSL...  Great food with great prices.

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