Sunday, August 7, 2011


I have this song running in my mind most of my waking hours.  It is not too distressful but I can't figure out the message.    I also do not  remember hearing it lately so where did it come from?

It's called "You were Amazing". 

Just looked up You tube and Googled and after lots of searching,  have found it.  No, still can't remember where I've heard it.  Alex Lloyd sings it.    Now, some more research to listen to more of his music!

Yesterday I attended a seminar/workshop from 8.30 to 5.30 on soil and pasture improvement.  What a learning curve for me. When I get the list of jobs done today that I have set myself I will return and give a decent account of it.   


Natalie said...

Love Alex Lloyd.
That is rather a sexy song, maybe it is from a long lost lover (passed over)?

Lydia La La said...

You know Natalie, you may be right!!! again....still. He passed away too early in life, a long time after we had long broken up. And, it was amazing!

Natalie said...

:) Love never dies.

Karen said...

These songs remind us of so much that happens in life - I love it when you hear one on the radio and it brings back happy memories and stays with you all day!