Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Organic Food

Not mine but they are the largest chooks I have ever seen!!

While I was in the Brisbane area I went Organic Shopping.      Bought lots of dried fruit, nuts, some seeds, flours, coconut oil and face creams.    Even though we live in a very high income area,   we do not have much choice as far as food shopping goes.

We have Coles, Woolworths and IGA.
I boycott Coles and Woolworths.

  Woolworths were responsible for destroying Platypus habitat so that they could put in a carpark for their new shop in Maleny, Qld.    People sat on the main road  to stop the cement trucks coming in to build that car park.     I love those people with all my heart.

We don't even have an Aldi,  Ikea, Costco,  Sizzlers etc.

One Health shop in the 'Mall' as they say in the States.  No such a thing as bins of bulk foods, let alone bags of rice, flours etc.  available unless you are a retailer or there is one place that allows shopping if  you have an ABN. Registered Government number.

You can understand my excitement!

A Saturday morning Farmer's Organic Market was amazing.  There were the trendy DINKs in their designer casual gear.    The Beautifully groomed ROESs and then my favourite, The Hippy.
I love hippy gear!  I don't like the unwashed look that some seem to like....

My god.. the food!   The aromas   [no, not the unwashed ones]   of freshly brewed coffee.

Organic steaks! 

There was a permaculture garden and 2 people to answer your gardening questions.  Plants and seedlings were for sale too.

DINKs = double income no kids
ROESs = retired on enormous superannuation

Today I mixed up a bucket of Trail Mix and meted it out into small vaccuum seal bags and sucked and sealed them.  This should allow us to eat these goodies for much longer than if they were stored on the shelf or in the fridge. 

I love that vaccuum seal machine!!   It's only a very cheap model but I seal up rolled oats, rice, barley, powdered milk, any stuff I've dried etc.

  It the cat stays still long enough,  he'll be in a bag too .....

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