Saturday, August 20, 2011

Variety is the Spice of Life!

I hope this is gluten free!

I don't seem to get to the things I really want to do.  Why???    Because I do not have the discipline or the motivation, let alone passion,  at the moment.  I think this means, I've lost my mojo!

The list I have set myself in the garden and yard is slowly being worked through and I get great joy  running the pen through the listed item as it  gets done.  One item is burn the rubbishy trash.
We had a lovely fire yesterday of papers and scraggy weeds.    I can't have another little fire today because it's too windy for safety.

Yesterday I came home from taking Miss A back to her mother, dropped my bag and keys at the bottom of the steps and headed out to smooth off some of the driveway gravel where the car had scraped. [not happy]      That done I got stuck into pulling out all the fallen palm fronds in a little grove that hadn't been done since I got Ross River virus in May last year!!!
  I'm not saying anything!

  That will be my next fire as soon as the wind dies down. 

This morning more cleaning up of  Queensland Arrowroot and Tumeric, slicing and out to dry in the sun and wind.  Messy stuff. 
Notice the alien eyes of the tree?  This was a pre cyclone shot.

Then after a coffee and some damper I made yesterday, off to get this garden cleaned up a little more under a Mango tree in the front yard.  A  fern has taken over.   Sure, it's lovely and green but  uses too much space.   Most of my pot plants that I had put there for ease of watering when we went away once, were dead and gone.  I emptied the pots out to save the soil and tried not to be upset.  I lost a lot of plants when I was out of action.

I'm working away at it a little at a time but there is huge progress.  Three more hits and it will be ready for soil improvement.  Lots of lime, cow manure and sugar cane mulch will go there.  I think there will be veges planted there later.

Next on the list is paper shredding, sewing, sorting 'stuff' for the garage sale and cleaning out my darling old computer ready for giving away.   I'll do a little of each every day.

They say variety is the spice of life.   

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Karen said...

Sorry had net access probs, hope to be back for WOYWW next week! Hope the mojo returns soon!