Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Visiting my mother

I have  really been  dreading going to visit my mother in the Aged Care home as I had not seen her for a month even though part of this I was in Brisbane.  I felt sick in the stomach every time I thought of this.
I feel so sorry for her and so helpless to help.

Physically I am weak through the Ross River virus, mentally,   strong sorting out her affairs for her, emotionly,  a wreck.   My mother is arrogant but not obnoxious.  Cleverly sarcastic.  Knows everything.
Can argue very unfairly and change her story.  I'm not referring to now as much as in the past.
It is hard when she asks about going home to live at her own place again.

So.... today I  asked my partner to come with me as backup  and off we went.
It is about a 45 minute drive.

I was prepared to become her carer and live in her home with the frikken, sibling  parasites until she became really high care.

Today, that idea became unworkable. Instead of ONE insulin injection a day....
she is getting FOUR!!!!!   Never heard of it. 

Now I have to go see my doctor to get advice on the subject.  I doubt if the Mobile nurses would come 4 times a day to give injections and  I do not think I am up to that.  I don't even like plucking someone's eyebrows!!

Every time I suggest that she can have her own bed, own fridge, own TV etc etc , she says that she'll be home soon so why bother.   The nursing sister suggested that we bring these items in while Mum is at meals.   She only has dementia, not stupid.  She would know something is going on.   She won't have it that she needs care.  " I can cook and take care of myself".

I looked through the visitor's book today for my brothers' and sister's sign in.  Not there. I went back 3 weeks.  So.. it appears that I am it. 

Another crap thing happened.
I found a park in the crowded carpark that is made for Smart Cars, not regular size ones, went into the ANZ bank to put a cheque made out to my mother into her bank account.

NO...can't do that.

You have to have her bank a/c numbers!   ANZ  bank  POLICY!!!

This, after waiting and waiting  while the tellers stood around and one chatted to a customer.
Frigging bank policy......  I wanted to put money IN not take it OUT..  Fucking wankers.  Tossers!

Not happy so told him that there would be a strong chance of ANZ losing her accounts.
I asked  to see the manager but the teller just kept saying that it was bank policy.

Tomorrow I will call to speak to the manager to voice my disapproval of this POLICY!!!!


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