Thursday, August 25, 2011

I spend far too much time reading blogs!!!  

I admire the many creative women who actually get in and create not just do it all in their heads, like I do!        I love the cooks that blog and take the time to put up photos of their cooking.

The authors, the gardeners, the preppers, the survivalists and the Mums of children with special needs.

Thank you for your time and creativeness. The world is  much better off with all your blogging but I wish I didn't spend so much time reading them.

Not a lot accomplished today..

  We mixed up a brew of fertilisers that should help grow lots of vegetables.  I threw some around  fruit bearing plants and some rose bushes.  Just have to water it in.    After a coffee, I made some yoghurt.

Have to get ready to take a grandaughter to see a Dr about her sore back.  I think it may be disc problems.   Her Dr dismissed the problem saying that she couldn't do anything about it!   Well really!!!
We'll see about that.

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