Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just Chillun' Out.....


Rain has been circling our hills all day with not enough moisture falling  to dampen a newly hatched chick!  Our neck of the woods is cinder dry with lots of fodder for fires.   The ideal thing is to have small controlled fires to keep the fire danger less. It is very hard to get a permit for this type of burning. You can get one for burning a certain circumference fire like a stack.  A stack is a lot of cleared lantana or rubbishy trees that has been bulldozed into the tightest mound possible.  We have a small cattle grazing property so growing grass is what we do best.  Soooo.... let it rain a nice amount  to eliminate some of the danger of uncontrolled fires.  Wwe call them bushfires. In the USA they are called wildfires.


I got some cake baking in today. Once again a lovely huge mix of boiled fruit cake.  Two bars and a large tray to be sliced, wrapped individually  and frozen. Really handy to pop some in the microwave to defrost for unexpected visitors.  And.... you know how I hate them!

Tomorrow, I am going to remodel this page to something that looks a little serious but still a fun blog.  OK.. it hasn't been too fun lately. Time to change that. 

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