Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lovely Qantas meals. And they ARE nice!

I am incredibly lucky.   I am also damn grateful for that luck.    Or is it fate?   
I don't mean the 'luck ' that wins you lotteries and raffles.  It is the luck that has enriched my life.   

I have  an intense interest in learning.  I feel that this is a result of my life circumstances not allowing higher education.   I  did get halfway through a Bachelor of Arts  in my 30's.   I once again allowed another person's needs/happiness to influence my judgement.  Selfish bastard! 

BUT..... I did prove to myself that I have a brain and  that I could learn.  I also found that I fitted in with the younger students,  no problems at all.   Male and female, although my ex did call me a lesbian because of these young friends!!! 
  It was during this time that I took my 8 year old son and ran away from home......  I begged my 15 year old daughter to leave with me.  She chose not to.   Her father allowed her so much freedom and she had access to a lot of money....why would she want to leave that?     She did eventually live with me for a  while.

Very, very old timbers and cobble stones, Ebletoft, Jutland, Denmark

  I am an avid reader and love the amazing internet with all that information at my fingertips.  Anything I want to know usually can be found.   This has saved us a lot of money in the past by learning our rights and what is acceptable practice.  

I love the blogs.    

  If I'm sewing, I get inspiration from the blogging sewists. Same with gardening, soap making, even a little cooking!!!   
  I read blogs written by the carers of Dementia sufferers.  My mother has early Dementia and I am so grateful for the care she has at the aged care home where she now has to live.
She could have  lived in her own home if my siblings who also live  there could have put themselves out a little and looked after her!       Now it is too late.   She has been diagnosed with Diabetes 1 and is having 4 insulin injections a day!  I just feel sick in the stomach at the thought.. The poor old lady.
She keeps asking about when she can go home.  I will have to write out for her all the reasons why she can't. 
I will take her out for a few hours between injections.  

I am lucky that I am multi-skilled and I do not mean this in a self praising manner. 
I would be the meekest person when it comes to talking about myself.
Give me a human or animal  rights issue or some form of injustice, and I am right there in your face!   BIG TIME!! 
I can write in my blog what I can't/won't talk about...

I never get bored because there is always something I can work with or plan.  I do have the very bad trait of not continuing with a few things I have learnt because I lose interest once I know how to do it!!!   Naughty....

More later...... want to go and sew!



Natalie said...

Awesome. :)

karen said...

So sorry about your mom. I am glad she is in a good home now. And thanks for the advice about the Zinc. Come back and visit anytime. I don't write much now and never seem to have time to visit my other bloggers friends . I am going to start following you so I can try keep up with you. Thanks again.