Monday, September 5, 2011

Continuing the Saga!

not a good pic. this is the edge of the Northern Territory. The Gulf of Carpentaria.

I have lived in the Northern Territory,  Australia at two different times.  1985 and 1993.

1985 was the beginning of my 'new' life.  I had made the huge decision to follow my heart!

I am a very logical person so this move was most out of character for me as it involved taking my son out of his school and away from his friends and the most wonderful life we lived in Noosa, Qld. 
Here's how it happened.

 An acquaintance introduced me to her  ex husband of over 10 years at one of her soirées!  It was a gorgeous night  on her back deck with a full moon.
No attraction to each other then.     He was suffering a migraine and I was too busy being witty to really take any notice of him!    Life went on.
He then returned 7 months later and we met up again at the local bowls club.  I had come in to deliver some uniforms I had been commissioned to make and he was there with mutual friends.
I was just going to pop in and out so I was dressed in a most interesting, jungle looking dress, no bra. ( The good old days!)

The spark was there immediately!!!!! BUGGER!!!!   The last thing I wanted was a bloody bloke hanging around.  I didn't date. I liked my freedom plus,  I felt that it wasn't fair to my son.   I felt he  needed some stability in his life..    Hell yeah...... that went out the window!!

So, we had a discussion on conservation, me being a greenie and him being a man who operated bulldozers and earthmoving equipment. Knocking trees down, hell west and crooked. I was getting frustrated with his attitude so  I went up to the bar to buy a drink and he asked if he could buy it for me.  I told him that I always buy my own drinks.   I did because I am not much of a drinker at all so it sure never cost me a lot to go out, drinks wise!!     God, he was so impressed!     I noticed.

I was lucky.  I knew all about him because I knew his ex and I knew his children. They were older.  I knew he hadn't had anyone seriously in his life  BUT  I was led to believe that he liked the booze.
This was a no no for me.  After being married to a drunk I was OVER it big time.

ANYWAY....  he asked me out and  I went.    I knew I was in deep trouble the first night!   

We saw a lot of each other and liked what we saw.   His ex was not happy at all! She could see the money going to me instead of to their grown kids.  This saved her money.  She really knew that we were getting serious because he was taking me to meet his friends and family and to see his home. A big step for him. While we were there a call came through to ask him if he wanted to work up in Kakadu National Park for the traditional aboriginal owners. Sure would.....

So we drove the long trip home and then he was off again.
After a few weeks of pleading with me to move up and be together, I gave in and my son and I flew up to start the new life. I had a week to pack up, sell the car, arrange storage etc, etc, etc. At this time I was on a waiting list for a hysterectomy and was very anaemic.

More later.....

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