Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spirit has answered!

Something happened the other day that has me very grateful and excited. Of course, this is all in the eye of the beholder!

I consider myself broad minded and I am interested in exploring the possibility of other dimensions to our world.

I have sighted UFO's and so believe in Aliens. I am not at all psychic or nor do I have any gifts like that.
To have those gifts is a huge responsibility.
Although once I did guess the exact birth date and year of a girl from Japan who then gave me a wide berth. I feel she may have put me in the' evil witch' bracket....

So...... I have been planning and working towards things that may happen in the future. That is all I will say about that.

I was not sure if it would all end up a huge waste of my time.

I am not one to ask for a lot from the Universe but this day I was watering part of the garden near the hose tap that I had just walked past.

I was thinking about the matter and thought, why not ask for a sign to show me if I should carry on with this work.

Nothing too heavy or long winded or waffling about the request. I asked for a sign please to show me if I should continue doing what I had planned.
I mumbled it then realised my man might hear me and he is so straight, he'd think I was going to need psychiatric help.

I quietly repeated my request and felt this really strong feeling in my head and chest! I turned around to turn the hose off and there at my feet, all dry and so very white was a feather! OK it would have come from a cockatoo or a cattle egret BUT it was there now and it WASN"T there a minute ago!!! Picture above of said feather.

I am elated!!!


I came upstairs and got out my Rune stones. They just about have cobwebs on them. The last time I asked for an answer was when Miss A came to live here and we both wanted to know if it was the right move... They said it was and it has been.

I don't feel anything from the stones such as tingles or cold etc but I thought this time I'll touch each individual stone. I took about 2 minutes looking for a sign, again! One felt a tad warmer so I went with that one.

It was the sign of

Rune Stone Meanings - Hagalaz

A rune sacred to Heindall the watcher and Mordgud, keeper of the icy bridge to the underworld.

Right Side
A rune that warns of illness. Hagal means hail and is symbolic of uncontrolled and destructive forces. It is a time of upheaval, discord and disruption and general bad luck. There will be setbacks and problems all which need to be endured in order to come through on the other side.

This rune reversed is indicative of uncontrollable events leading to delays.

My book gives a little more detail than this but the interpretation meant the same and reaffirming the sign of the feather in answer to my question.

I am so grateful..................

NO IDEA HOW TO GET RID OF THE LINE THROUGH THE RUNE READING!!!! Just wanted to make it a different colour????


Karen said...

I also believe in white feathers, so pleased they came to you. They give me a lot of comfort, just knowing. Good luck with whatever you have planned :-)

Deb @ Bright and Precious said...

I'm glad you found some answers. I wish you peace with what you have found.

Eccentricess said...

Lovely that the sign came when you needed it and was reinforced.
Love runes, they are so intuitive and vibe based. :-)

edenland said...

So cool that you wrote this last year! Love it ... and yes, I often ask for a sign. It usually comes in the form of a song, or even just a feeling.

Love the line through the Rune reading ... don't know why!