Saturday, September 24, 2011

So over it!!!

I am so over being tired,sore and now, frikken itchy! The newest thing is this little mite we have here. Common name of Scrub Itch... that is a tiny mite that burrows into your skin and stays for a week and itches like hell and leaves risen red marks....

I paid $21 for this lotion that is supposed to kill them.. Yeah right!

We don't have a bath so can't lay in it for hours to drown the little fuckers. They crawl up until they come to some resistance and then, in we go.... This is usually the panty line or bra line and one has to be discreet in scratching!! These mites are also on my arms and legs.
AND this is only from walking in and around the garden. I don't venture into the scrub area.
Then there would be snakes and big mites/ticks.

Today was productive with the Tomato Relish and Tomato Jam being finished. I did some creamed honey too. Made us some pikelets/ pancakes with whipped cream to go with the Tomato Jam. Cleaned up the kitchen, did some gardening, spent too much time reading lovely Mummy blogs and then some more gardening. The weather here is fantastic. Cool and windy.

I've been thinking of a little travel. The Aussie dollar is high and that means more value for your money OS. I think I'm over Asia, plus it will be too hot there. I've never been to New Zealand and it seems such a magical country to visit. Plus, there is the added benefit of us all speaking nearly the same language!!! It will be too hot to get some home travel in. Even though there is aircon in the car and rooms, the worst part is having to come back to a boiling car interior. It takes a while to cool it down even with the window down, doors open and aircon on full blast.

I'm waffling now so will love you and leave you. Hugs XO

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