Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Happy Gardener

These are tomato stakes!!! Made from an old floor board but sanded and bevelled. Is this OVERKILL????

Just a little break from the life story!!!

At last I have bought seeds that have actually germinated! These are from "The Lost Seed' an online store in Victoria. A lovely prompt delivery and then into the seed beds they went. I've had such a bad run from Eden Seeds. Still some varieties to emerge yet.
I am a great planner and organiser but I fall down badly on the physical side. This time I am so determined to weed in a timely manner!

My latest amazing discovery....

It is making your own seeds tapes. Now I never knew that such tapes existed let alone that you can buy them in the USA.
I was watching the wonderful You Tube on some gardening and there it was. How to make them yourself. So like The Little Red Hen that I am, I did!


Mix a paste of plain flour and water, a sate stick, toothpick or something similar.

Toilet paper I tore mine at each 3rd sheet. I thought that would be most manageable for me. Cut them up the centre into 2 strips. I had 2ply so I separated them to stop it coming apart later. Fold them over lengthwise.

Spill some of the seeds onto your work surface and separate as much as you can to make it easier to pick up. I worked on a sewing cutting out mat. [cause it was there]

Lay your strip in front of you, put a tiny daub of flour where you think it's best to space your seeds
Closer together if you want them in a seedling bed or further apart if planting straight into the garden bed.

Then put 1 seed on each daub of paste. I found it easier with small seeds to get a little paste on your finger and pick up the seed with that.

Fold back over, making sure the paste glues both sides together, let dry very well, put into labelled zip lock bags.

I think you can store them in your 'fridge for ages. Not sure about freezing or vacuum packing them for long term storage.

To plant you just cover them with sand or seedling mix till the paper doesn't show... How easy is that? I sat a a table in comfort, listening to Uriah Heep or my favourite compilation CDs over a few days and did heaps of tapes. It sure beats bending over a garden planting seeds out 1 by 1.

Feel free to pass this on...

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