Saturday, November 5, 2011

a Huge Fan of The Rocky Horror Picture Show....


 The theatre filled up after this shot.  Every one had a bag of goodies on their seat and that is what is lined up on the wall down the front.

I love, love, love Tim Curry  as Franknfurter....   In fact.... I love the total cast of the show.
Each character is so unique and the actors well chosen for their roles.  You either love it or hate it!

In our bag of goodies we had a party hat, a plastic glove, a newspaper to put over our head during the storm/flat tyre scene. We had water pistols to wet the people with the newspapers over their head!  We had a piece of toast to throw at the time a toast was proposed in the movie.   We had rice to throw for the wedding scene, confetti, a party whistle and cards for sorrow, cards for pain.

We had gone for a girl's night out and had a lovely Thai dinner but when we arrived there were lots of nibbles......   Could have saved the $60!!!!!

We didn't go in costume because we were too slack!  BUT.... next time, we sure will. Who ever organised the entertainment did a great job. A few competitions to be in.  The best dressed was won on crowd participation.  No... it didn't go to some of the gorgeous, leggy fish net stockinged girls.  It went to an 'older' ladies who sashayed up to the DJ and said in her sexiest voice, " I'm Columbia's mother".        Well.. the crowd went wild!!!!      

A fun night. 

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