Saturday, November 5, 2011

There are hidden treasures in the city.

One day I went to have a Bowen Therapy  to try to help my spinal problems.

I had time afterwards to wander around  the building.  It is an old, old warehouse used in the 1800's and built out over the Pioneer River, Mackay.     I had no idea that the salt  water was held back from entering the drainsand polluting the streets during high tides.   The other picture is of pylons and how someone has placed 4 sticks into the mud.  Who?? Why??    Some of the timber in this building is massive.

While lying quietly during the therapy,  I sensed a presence sitting quietly on a wooden chair in a corner.    I'm not able to connect to bloody living  people let alone those that have passed!!!

I was astounded...  He appeared to be a Kanaka  [South Sea Islander ].  The people of the South Seas  were stolen from their islands to be used as slaves in the infamous sugar industry.   A strong, tall man about 28 or 30 yrs old.   He was just keeping watch over the old building.   I was sad for all the wrongs that had been done to them over their life and most of them had no chance to ever go home.

What a horrible, greedy lot of people that used these trapped and enslaved people.  Australia does not have a good history of the treatment handed out to the minority.  Just Google  'stolen generation' to find out more horrors of  some 'do gooder' that used his will to ruin many, many lives and that still has repercussions today!!

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Sewconsult said...

How interesting. I have had days when I have felt some brush by me and no one would be there, I have vivid dreams and then months later, they would be played out just as I had dreamed. I've gotten use to it know, but I can't say that I enjoy the occurrence.