Thursday, December 15, 2011

4 x new tyres = $A780.00

Off to the big smoke for an 8 o'clock date to get 4 new Michelin  tyres for my car.

They are usually $261 each but these are going to be $195 with a wheel alignment thrown in because there has been some muck up on the dealers side.   All good!   They are 17 inch, are guaranteed for speeds up to 250ks per hour.  That makes them more expensive.    When I was in England the first time I wanted to see how fast I would go before I got scared!   They drive like lunatics over there!!! 
I got up to 230 ks ph or 143ish mph on a motorway before I backed off.   There were many cars going that speed!!!   The roads in the UK are fabulous.

  I could not drive at 140 ks here!   Our roads are shot due to the flooding earlier in the year and dodgy road mending.  If you fill in a pot hole,  why have it over filled or under filled?   If the road is mended in stretches, it's the same so that every where you drive it's bump, bump, bump.   DUH BRAINS!

My partner is planning on going to the Brisbane area for a break over the holidays. This is around a 1000 ks one way.  I find it dismal to be anywhere in the summer time so I will be minding the farm!  That's woman's talk for 'having time out'.  Hell, some one has to feed the cat and change the bird bath water!

  The last time this happened was in  July and I was loving the serenity when I got a call from my daughter to fly to Brisbane and see her and the boys and then come home by car.  I had to go because our relationship is tenuous at the best of times.    And I did so love my visit.

The main plan is for sewing and walking.  Getting fit and clothed.  I found a great looking pin cushion, scissors holder 'thingy'.  This will be getting made.

  I'd like to return to sewing professionally.  I have no idea of the prices that are charged now.  I was always too cheap anyway but I could sleep well knowing I never ripped any one off and I ALWAYS returned any fabric and notions.  I decided to give it up after we had moved here and my clients came for fittings with their family or spent ages as I always offered coffee etc.  They treated it like a bloody personal visit and let their kids run rampant.  We might have a huge lawn and yes, it is a very beautiful place, but, please how am I going to sew??  I did  say I had to go out a lot of times and that worked well.

  Don't get me wrong, please.  I  like a chat, BUT! 

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Sewconsult said...

Your property is beautiful. It looks like a scene from South Pacific. (I know, not the best reference, but that's what came to mind.) Good luck with the sewing and walking.
Thanks for the comment.