Saturday, December 17, 2011



Australia's Molly Meldrum is fighting for his life after falling from a ladder while he was decorating for Christmas at his home in Melbourne.

Please..... send him good vibes.
He was the mentor of many singers and bands through the ABC tv's show,  COUNTDOWN.  He never could speak with confidence in public but we all love him for his bumbling manner and for  his huge contribution to the Australian music industry.

He's the guy that always wears an Akubra cowboy hat!     Go Molly!!!!   You can do it.

MY knitting mojo is back!!!

This is a huge thanks to

 Glenna uses such beautiful yarns and has lovely , lovely patterns that she has inspired me to get back on the horse and whip out the needles to finish the lovely,  Aran man's  jumper [sweater] I began many years ago.

"Why haven't you finished it before this,"   I hear you ask. 

  1st reason.... ran out of the  wool that I bought from Target in Albury, NSW around 1986.
  I carried a piece of this wool with me where ever I went for YEARS  and tried to match up the colour and ply whenever I spied knitting wool for sale.  I eventually got a pretty good match from Spotlight about 2 years ago.    In my own city!    Who knew?   It's Cleckheaton Country 8 ply.
   It is knitting up well and the colour is as close as you'll get to a good match.    The colour is a fire engine red,  not at all pinky as shown in the photo. 

This is the culprit!
  2nd.... I was bitten by a mosquito.  One carrying the Ross River virus!    [ Worth a Dr. Google.]

  Yes.... my hands are sore today but I'm not going to let that stop me unless the pain gets unbearable.

There is another problemio.... Who will it fit now?

It was originally for my youngest son when we lived in the colder states.  Now, he's 6ft 4in and LOTS bigger so he's out even though he's in a very cold area.   I'm sure not going to give it to some one who will just throw it in the washer and dryer! 
It's one of those delightful, have to hand wash me, ha ha.. types of pure wool.

Who knows?   By the time I have it finished and sewn up...   I could fit into it!


Hazel said...

Knit slowly...have it ready for a grandchild. LOL. Go Molly!

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