Friday, December 2, 2011

Things I know....

These are a few of the things I know.

  • I know   that life is terrific even though there are many hurdles.

  • I know    that if you fertilise and water your plants very regularly they will reward you and grow like a jungle!

  • I know   that we all have invisible vibrations and that we are attracted to,  and like others who have similar vibrations.   ( This may not be a good thing!)

  •   I know  that I dislike the commercialism of Christmas. Let's give gifts that are not made in China! Give your local people your business. A gift voucher from a hair salon, car detailer, butcher, local bakery.  You get the idea.

  • I know   that I just love flowers

  • I know  that  the summer heat and humidity where I live is totally shitty!

  • I know   that I don't like people who bring their dogs to my home and expect me to tolerate the tyre piddling, garden stomping $%#*^&s.    Don't take me the wrong way, please.    I love dogs and all animals, it's just the owners I have issues with specially when they get all  hoity toity about my asking very nicely if they wouldn't mind if their little doggies could please stay in the back of their vehicles.

  • I know   that it is so easy to be kind.  

  • I know   that I do not like greedy people. 
Not only with food but in all other aspects of life. I'm not talking of good old progress or ambition.

  • I know   that I absolutely HATE people spitting!!!  
Any where....any time...

  • I know  I am a little over bloody housework!

I know  that I will never get to sew even  half the fabric stash I have before I die!

  • I know  that I need to exercise more!

  • I know  that some people live differently.

  • I know  that my four offspring do not like me.
  • I know  that rainy days are the best!  ( for me)

  •  I know   that I love to travel .....anywhere!    Although overseas is the greatest.

  • I know  that my whole family do not have any interest in my travels or the places I've been.
  • I know  that any form of art is good for my soul.

  • I know  I believe in "signs" to show me the "way'.

  • I know  I love to  make collections.  I have collections of  old glass lamps,  small items of cobalt blue glass, seeds,  china frogs, old glass bottles,  old stamped, wooden crates, sewing machines, significant newspapers eg announcing Elvis's death!,  little rocks from where I've been, photos and old letters.  Nothing at all valuable!
  • I know  that having Ross River virus from getting bitten by one mosquito can bring you down.
  • I know  that I love the world of blogging and I thank each and every one of you for your time and efforts in writing and posting your stories.   There is so much struggle and sadness written about but then there are so many joyful occasions too that are shared. 
 These are just some of the things I know... What do you know that you would like to share, Girls?


Sewconsult said...

I KNOW that even though I wish you didn't use words that I won't use, that I love how you write. I know that I will enjoy reading what is on your mind, whatever it is that brings you to write on your blog. I know that I appreciate that you read and comment on my blog! LOL.
Have a great day in the land down under.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Melissa Jane said...

I relate to the visiting dog in the garden. How bloody rude! And art and creativity is great for the soul.

Fawn and Flower said...

Maybe I need to try fertilizer. Plants and I admire each other but we are just not best friends... every time I buy one, I feel like a murderer!

Do your kids really not like you? That made my heart sink.

Marita said...

I'm so over the Christmas commercialism. Where I can I have purchased books for Christmas gifts this year. I love books.