Thursday, December 1, 2011

Scraggly Tomatoes.

I would love to attend a blogger's conference.

The world of blogging is my addiction!

I do not have an addictive type personality  but I do  love reading and learning.  And boy, have I been learning over the years.
There are the Mummy bloggers who are bored and tell of their life and some with a graphic blow by blow description of the birth of their child/children.   [Known as The Birth Story!.]

  The Mummy bloggers who exploit their children with photos and embarrassing anecdotes hoping to get advertising and sponsorship.   They won't be thanked if ever their children read their blog!!!

Others who write of their children cleverly without a single name or identifying photo of them being published.   This I like!
The wonderful mothers of handicapped children and the heartache that goes hand in hand with their lives.         Yes... I weep and feel so deeply for them.  I learn of their struggles and of how long it can take for the diagnosis to be made so that a label can be used and funding can be applied for.

The crafty, sewing and knitting blogs that delight my heart.

The amount of work that is completed amazes me as I am a wonderful inventor, designer, organiser and  dreamer BUT not a completer...   (Is there such a word?)    I love them all.   The amazing card makers!

The home renovators,  the gardeners, the self sustaining and frugal sites that are photo heavy.. Love them and thank you for your time and efforts to upload them.  I appreciate this so much.  I've now made soap and want to try to make cheese.

I could go on and on.    I've learned to actually prep my sewing.    Get EVERYTHING together before you even pick up the scissors to cut out.     Cotton, buttons, zips, linings, interfacing ,machine feet, pins, etc. You get the drift?
This great idea works with everything you want to do.

I thought it was only in the kitchen that you prepped !!!!       Broaden your mind, girl...

I look up all our family's medication and have no hesitation to tell the doctor that something is a bad drug.   One example was   Lipitor, a  statin drug.

My partner was prescribed it for his cholesterol reading of 6!!!

I had researched it and found out how nasty it is,  so... on the next visit he mentioned to the Dr..
a female white South African,  that I had advised him not to keep taking it.   She looked at me like I knew nothing and stated that it was a good drug.   She proceeded to print out 13 pages of a report on it's benefits.   I asked her if the report was an independent study or put out by the drug company...    She didn't answer.    She then passed the sheath of papers to my partner who passed them straight over to me.
I looked at the bottom of the pages that tells you the web site it comes from.  Sure enough... it was from the drug company which,  me,  being the self righteous woman   I am.... pointed out to her.

She said, " I've studied medicine for 7 years!"        I said, " I was on the internet for an hour! "
                                      We left pretty well straight away!

 I should have a whole new blog that is just about my hassles and experiences with hospitals and the medical profession.  Sorry, Beckie there would be heaps of foul language!

I've learnt  how to prune and string up tomatoes. Never knew about that!   I know now that you have to fertilise regularly.   This was from the site that is full of information on how any one can garden using the Mittleider method!   I even sent to the US of A for the Mittleider fertiliser mix.  It is amazing and luckily, I ordered a heap of it to last me years.

I now have lots of fruit on plants that once begrudged every last effort. A paw paw [papaya] tree that was being given it's last chance after flowering for the 5th time!  It couldn't form fruit from the flowers and now we have one.  He's little but he's there with other flowers above him! 
Huge passionfruits on the vine up at the shed.  The flowers are larger and,  my Ginco Biloba tree of 3 yrs,  of the sick,  straggly 3 leaves on,  pathetic look has shot up a foot and has numerous leaves on it.  Beautiful girl!

I had never heard of seed tapes until a few months ago and now I have made my very own, thanks to You Tube and the wonderful people who contribute their videos.    I could go on and on about gardening.

I've 'met' beautiful women who are carers for their elderly mother or father.  Such a difficult, sad task from which there is no relief or good ending.

I now know of the constant fear and responsibility of caring for children with Type 1 diabetes.
I knew it was a horrible disease but did not know of how you have to monitor, monitor, monitor 24/7...
Blood levels, sugar levels and to keep vigilant about their food intake, even at school!  Having to get up in the middle of the night, EVERY NIGHT to take blood for testing.. Utterly soul destroying.

Is there an epidemic of Bi-Polar chemical imbalance?   There certainly is with Autism and kids on the Asperger's Spectrum.  May be vaccine related, too much flouride too. Who knows?

I could go on and on...    best not, friends as it's time for coffee!!!!  

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Sewconsult said...

You are so welcome to use all the foul language that you want, especially when it comes to dealing with doctors, insurance companies and all conversations included! I have been dealing with my mother's doctor, her meds and how I think she needs to wean off a med, which is said to be necessary by the drug company, but the doctor says she can stop the meds immediately. Dear hubby worked for the Food and Drug Admin (US govt) for 35 yrs and his comment was not in favor of the doctor's advice. Grrr.
The bloggers are a multi talented, diverse bunch aren't we. It's interesting how so many of the blog readers are brought together by simply reading on blog, leading to another and so forth. Love tonight's post.