Sunday, February 19, 2012

My name is Lydia and I'm a blogaholic...


Eden would like to know who we  hang out with in blog land. Who we feel the most empathy with. Who's our buddies.   I don't have many followers or commenters but by hell get a huge amount of
self-validation from reading many blogs.   The first I followed was 
a lovely, very deeply hurt Texan, transplanted in L A.   A new lover of knitting.

From then on I was addicted!  I love  The Furry Monkey .  Karen from the south of England who is an amazing single cancer survivor.  Radiation and Chemotherapy have nearly crippled her but she is an  optimist of the highest order and is a champion at card making.  She donates many to  cancer hospices and of course, family.  Her father was a victim of Agent Orange and her brother suffers cruelly with forms of arthritis.  Her card making blog is and it will inspire you.

From there I went to Stitches and Seams with Debbie Cook from Florida.  What a prolific sewer with an informative and photo laden blog.  Being a sewer,  I look for inspiration from other sewers. There are so many Haute Couture sewers in blogland.

One from Western Australia who is not only a beautiful sewer but damn if she hasn't got a gorgeous figure, face and hair into the bargain!      I should dislike her but I admire her so much.
 Carolyn takes lovely photos of the clothes she makes with beautiful scenic backgrounds.  She has  a gorgeous family too.

Advanced Style  is a most charming site about the older New York woman and their style. Some are in their nineties with a few  100 years old.  It makes me want to live in a big city where I could dress elegantly each day.  Well... in the winter time.    Ari Seth Cowen is the lovely author.

Coralene at Fawn and Flower insires me with her vegan cooking AND her tattoos. So many. so pretty.
Then I get into the self sufficiency blogs. is a lovely,  information laden site by a lovely lady  in mid coastal New South Wales, Australia.  Lots of good links from her blog to others like Gavin's 
who makes amazing cheese and has cut his power consumption by gazillions.  He loves his garden too.
  An interesting blog on how to store all the dry ingredients for meals in jars so you just grab one, add the fresh items and off you go.   Rhonda of  is off on a road trip with her hubby signing her first published book  on frugality and gardening.  Many a good recipe and tips here.    I could go on and on, after all. I am a blogaholic.....

My very fave that I hit every day and then feed of her fave list is..........  Edenland.    This woman is a stoic strong mother and even though I've never met her,  I so admire her.  XXOO  Eden.

My heart bleeds  for Kelley of  Magneto Bold Too .  The shit that has hit her fan is unbelievable and yet she copes and has a sick  awesome sense of humour.   I also love Mrs Woog  who has a lot to write about  and has 2 little warriors to get her material from.   

 Faux Fucshia    from Brisbane who has the best 'tongue in cheek' blog.  She has a great career it seems and she refers to this as the 'coalface', a yummy baby boy, a yummy house, husband, friends etc etc but she is so damn likeable and gorgeous AND slim!!!

Natalie  writes of her life in South Australia and has a beaut writing style. Honest, funny and trying to cover all bases.  She's cool.

Because my mother has very short term memory loss and is now a resident in an aged care facility,  I catch up with others in the same boat.  Delores has a clever strong hubby stricken with Alzeihmers  in his late 60s. 
Well... that's your lot for today.    I thank Eden for making us get off our bums and do some work!

Forward and onward, fellow bloggers..


Rhianna said...

Great post, haven't heard of many of those you mentioned here so off to discover more about them for myself :)

Deb @ Bright and Precious said...

Gosh, so many blogs that you love and such diversity! I'm feeling rather sheltered as I do not know many on your list.

Sharon A. said...

I LOVE craft blogs too! It makes me smile, even when I don't have time to make stuff myself

Lydia La La said...
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Karen said...

Oh Gosh, what can I say - you've certainly given me a fantastic write up there. I take each day as it comes, every one is a bonus, be it good or bad. Life throws things at us and changes us, it's part of being human. I'm so grateful to have you as a friend - don't worry about the followers, it's you that is important in our lives. Thank you SO much! Karen x