Saturday, February 11, 2012

Waffling on...

Every where I look around the country here it's  green.  Vibrant green, nearly sickening green!

  It's the summer growing season for the weeds and grass.    Not for the vegetables for they would bolt ahead and go to seed in no time.
Lots of mowing and whipper snipping to do. I don't do that work. I used to help a little but not much. 
There is about another 6 weeks of this then on to  cooler days.

 I am having trouble with Blogger.  The blogs I follow aren't all showing up on my site. My photo doesn't come up when I follow either.  I wonder why?  I've tried to alter this but it still comes back the same.        Perseverance is the game it seems.

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Janet, said...

This world of ours is quite the place, isn't it. Here we are up here waiting on nice hot weather like you are experiencing and we are in the last quarter of our winter. I am kinda looking forward to keeping the weeds out of our garden, I am yearning for fresh garden tomatoes. And blogger - seems I have bouts of trouble with it also. I took off the word verification on mine and so far okay. Though yesterday I got a spam comment in my email box, but when I went to my post so I could delete it, it was not there. So, I guess that is good, maybe the blog recognized it as spam and didn't let it post.