Friday, February 10, 2012

Sewing,Sibling Parasites and Weight loss.

All is good on this western front!

The garments  are being completed for my mother.    I'm making little day dresses for her that should withstand the commercial laundry in the aged care home.    The ladies  I've met from the laundry are so nice and helpful when I look for any missing clothes. The laundry is even a nice place!!!

  I brought home her favourite dress to copy from and when I had a good look at it there were darts and seams coming undone.  A nice little repair on them and it's as good as new.   You wouldn't notice these because of the colour and pattern.   Red with black markings.

I hate cutting out.  My back aches like a b#^**~d.    I like to cut out on a large table downstairs that is open to the wind so the day I plan to cut out is the day the wind is blowing a gale.    Should check it out at night and there may be less wind,  not that I'm really complaining about the wind.
I love it.

Today is pretty calm so I'll cut out a few dresses for her.

Mum is doing really well now and I also have come to terms with her being unable to live in her own home.     It's been over a year and has taken  some time for me to accept this.    The worst  was the guilt that I should have been be able to fix the problem.

The huge problem is her being "The Boss"!      I say, nicely,   "Mum,   you can't live at home now.  If you did you'd be dead within months.    You know R and K won't look after you.."

  "  I can look after myself. They can drive me to get groceries.  The nurses can come to give me the injections. I can cook for myself. etc etc "        Last visit she was saying how good it is too have all your meals done for you and no washing up!   Maybe, just maybe????? she is settling in.

'She has a lovely friend and the staff like to tell me how much they like her.  The aged diabetes is under control with 4 insulin injections per day!   I'd be freaking out if that were me.  Love my needle phobia.

When I visit,   I take  savoury snacks and of course,  flowers from my garden.  Mum loved her garden.
I have suggested that I bring in some pot plants for her but she keeps saying that they will get stolen [her room is on the main street side with people walking past on the footpath]  or that she will be going home soon.  It  breaks my heart as I would love to make her room pretty for her.  

    It's the family politics that really   shit me off.     The parasitic brother and sister of mine who still live there and only pay the rates and the insurance per year.     Plus,  their own power and phone and that is only after me screaming like hell and getting a death threat from the brother!

  So this year they paid around $AU 52 between the two of them per week to live in Mum's home!   What a pair of deadbeats!!!
My sister is one of the worst /laziest house keepers I know so doubt if the house will be kept clean as it was.  I have not visited for months. Just don't need the hassle.

Gee, I am prattling on..

On the GOOD NEWS side......

I've now lost 6ks.    That is 13.2lbs... since 22nd December.   Over Christmas I ate everything, just not gutsing out.   Tha'ts  7 weeks.    a lot more to go...  I now don't use milk  [except skim in my home made yoghurt]  very little sugar, cut back coffee, no butter, no bread. 

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Sewconsult said...

I hope that your Mother comes to accept her living situation soon. How well I know your heart! You can't tell how your visit will go or if what you do will be met with gratitude or an attitude of disagreement. I took my mother a little dessert this afternoon. She didn't want it then and "had no place to keep it". After suggesting to place it on the side table, she said "no". I was grateful that my sister came while I was there, so I could leave. It isn't easy being the parent of your own mother, is it? We have sold Mother's house, but she was in assisted living for a year before she agreed to the sale of the house. We (my sister and I) had to encourage without forcing. A delicate balance. Fortunately, my sister and I get along very well.
I can also commiserate with the back problems! Take care.