Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Where did that time go??? short update.

I'm sorry for the long break between posts.  The heat and humidity had got to me. I'm cranky 'cause that's what the heat does to me!   But, I am  trying to motivate myself to get productive.
I have a few items sewn and I have completed some planting in the garden also in between heavy rain. 

Today's plan is a trip to Mackay to buy a washing machine and visit my mother.  I might even visit Spotlight to get some elastic, etc.   I have done my homework on the washing machine online.

Now, how easy is that?  No parking to worry about and no coming back to a bloody hot oven of a car after being parked in the  sun
Better go get dressed as the clouds are rolling in and it should be a cool trip. We have to take the Toyota Landcruiser and trailer
. The aircon is broken in it so BUGGER!

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