Thursday, March 1, 2012

The results of the Mittleider Fertiliser Experiment...

I was  very happy with the results of the Mittleider Fertiliser on the vegetable gardens and now that the permanent plants are showing amazing results,  I am ecstatic. 

I have a Paw Paw  [Papaya] tree that I think was a seedling. Can't remember after all,  it has been in the ground around four years.      Nice flowers, lovely perfume but never set fruit.    As I was running by with my bucket of fertiliser I gave it a sprinkle and issued it with an ultimatum , " either fruit or you're dead".

Here's a picture of it now.   Not amazing but at least there is fruit that should eventually mature.

We've always had a few banana palms but not with a lot of bunches.   Suckers were planted and watered every day along with the fertiliser, once a week as per instructions.
Four banana palms grew flowers and then we had bananas.  A freakish storm blew them over  and we saved one bunch and looks like another might survive.  They should have had props to help them but it never happened!       That's all I am saying on that.....  

I fertilised everything that grew except the mango trees.   Here are the results photographed.
Don't know the name of this passion-fruit.  It was a seedling gift from a friend/

This fern has a lovely display but after his fix he was amazing.  He's bit wilted today and will need a water tonight.   The rose is a very old Mr Lincoln.  Another gift some one dug out.

First time the avocados fruited.  There are three seedlings and one grafted. The grafted had five fruit last year, this year, twenty-five.

Monsteria Deliciosa . sp?

Passionfruit vine with  the fruit  hiding under the foliage.

Sick baby but she's having a go now.

Sweet and so juicy.  We now eat them as they ripen. I don't save any for cakes any more as that ain't gonna happen!  

All this with only one x 10 ounce bag of Mittleider Fertiliser mixed with Epsom salt, garden lime and
 bag of Crop King 88 fertiliser or something around that combination of NPK.

I have no affiliation with Food for but I am so pleased with my results that I want to pass on the good news.  There are You Tube videos on how to grow the garden the recommended
Mittleieder way.  With our land it was impossible to make beds 30ft long by 18 inches so I went with what we had.   You use half an ounce of the mix for every foot of garden, once a week.  Don't ask me to calculate that into metric.      There is an article on Mittleider v  Organic. 

Happy gardening. 


Sharon A. said...

Oh wow! I must try that fertiliser. You seem to be in the area where you can grow all the stuff we can't, such as papaya, mangoes, bananas etc. We can grow lemons and stuff. We're kind of stone fruit country.

That all looks delish

Pearl said...

Wow. This Minneapolis gal is amazed.

Everything sounds so exotic to me -- and it is!!


Lydia La La said...

I would love to live in the climate that you can grow flower bulbs successfully [ daffodils are a favourite ] and stone fruit and grapes and blueberries and apples and rhubarb and lilac trees, etc etc. xo

Lydia La La said...

Minneapolis is exotic to me. What do you grow in your climate, Pearl?
I've only been to LA, North Carolina and Tampa / Orlando area od Florida. All hot places. xo