Monday, February 27, 2012

Time for Happiness and Lightness of Being.

Emu Park,  Queensland,  Australia.
Some of my happiest memories as a kid are of our family holidays at the beaches.
 Wild, unpopulated beaches, some with a few, beach front squatter's huts.   We did not have one but friends did were generous in the use of them.  Primitive doesn't describe them well enough.
 They had a corrugated tin roof and walls with earth/ sand floor.  Beds made from bush timber  with the legs dug into the sand.  Home made benches and a wooden stove in a recess.   I think there may have been snakes and spiders because Dad would go in first to check it out. 

Mum would make the tastiest camp oven stews/casseroles if the fish weren't biting.  Sure enough,  I would have a mouth full of ulcers and couldn't have any.  I suffered from these for years, well into my 20s.   We grew up with an abundance of fish and crabs.  I think the crabs were called Mud Crabs or maybe Blue Swimmers.

The Big Crab, Cardwell,  Queensland, OZ

Cooked crab
 I enjoyed cleaning crabs and I think this was because I could sit there and think as sure as hell there wouldn't be any volunteer helpers. It's a messy, smelly job but somebody has to do it......
  I don't eat seafood now, with the exception of fish.  I think I have overdosed as a kid and also being married to an avid  amateur fisherman put me off it.   I can't stand the smell of prawns!

Mooloolaba during heavy seas and rain. Cyclone up north, off shore.  Queensland.

  I still love the beach but because it is 'there' I very seldom go and we live about 23 ks from the nearest beach.   I love picking up some take away fish and chips and heading to the beach to watch the moon rise.    How long since I have done this??   Damn  near a year! 

Time to do the things I love to replenish my soul.


The Elephant's Child said...

It is always time to replenish your soul. Something we don't do enough of.

Karen said...

Oh I love crab but I couldn't get the crab meat our for love nor money - I'm the same with prawns, they have to come declothed already or else I don't eat them. Seaside memories of childhood are wonderful, thanks for reminding me of them!!!! Enjoy your memories!!! Karen x

WhisperingWriter said...

I also love the beach!

I'm odd and don't like seafood but my husband loves it.

Lydia La La said...

My youngest son is a diver and hobby fisherman with a boat but doesn't eat seafood and returns his catch to the sea.

Lydia La La said...

you aren't too far from the sea, are you? Different kettle of fish in England!! xxoo

Lydia La La said...

Once a week I plan to replenish. It may be a walk in the bush, a meditation, even a sky gaze. I'm a huge sky gazer and have seen very interesting things. Hope your MS is not giving you a hard time.