Friday, April 20, 2012

8 kilos gone! BUT... we now have ripe Avocados.

I'm sneaking up on my Animal Brain with my methods of weight loss so that it does not become aware of my plans.

 Believe me,  there is something lurking in my head that turns on a    " you're absolutely starving" switch. 
  I can  lose  weight up to the 20 kilo mark and then POW!       Total hunger.
  I don't usually feel hunger but when this kicks in it is horrendous. I'm in the fridge and cupboards looking for food.  I would probably eat cardboard if  it was flavoured.   The hunger is unbelievable.  I crave for crunchy chewy food and have been known to eat a 500gr tub of Crunchy Peanut Butter at one sitting.   Cat food looks good!    I can drink water till it's coming out my ears.  I can exercise to get my mind off it but all to no avail. 
This disgusts me.

So.......   this time it is slow and steady and eat small amounts.
 I try to stick with the Food Combining  way of eating.  That way I don't have to worry if I run out of saladings.  I  can always have a potato zapped in the microwave with butter.

 I've got this under control and will be catching that ball and running with it.

The avocados are  ripening.  There will be a glut in about 2 weeks.  Do I behave myself and have 1 a day or do I enjoy this small window of opportunity?

   I asked the partner,  I'll call him Clive,  if he would chainsaw  one of the avo trees to a manageable level.  What's the use of having fruit that you have no chance of reaching?  The tree will regrow and I can then keep it to a decent height.
From another tree.  Grown from seeds.

This he eventually got around to after a little nag.  So, I   we picked the all fruit that we could carry in the plastic bags I had brought along and were going to come back for the rest.   I asked Clive later if he would do this because I get these tiny mites that are like ticks and they embed themselves in your skin  and itch for a week.   He is not attacked by these mongrels.  They also leaves marks that take months to fade.

That's  me carrying Clive!

Anyway.....   He didn't... after being reminded gently a few times so when I went yesterday to do it my self  [ shades of The Little Red Hen ]  a lot had fallen and been eaten by the scrub turkeys.
 I got about 8 from the branches that were OK.   All up what was lost would amount to around 30 fruit and that would be the amount that I planned to give away.    AND I have the mites even though I sprayed my self with Bushman's repellent.      I was  /  am cranky.

Why the fuck do I have to keep asking ?
 I'm seriously thinking of buying a little chainsaw for ME!  There are rubbish trees that have to be cut before they get too large that are no good for anything.
     YEAH  RIGHT !   I'm too old for this crap.

 You know, I think I will just have an anonymous blog  so I can whine and bitch to my hearts content with no repercussions.
  He's educated now but he used to use the word 'I' when it should have been 'we'  and 'we'  when it should have been Lydia  when talking about things accomplished.   Bad character flaw happening there.

 I'm too old for this crap.


Sewconsult said...

Congratulations on the kilos lost. I have lost about 6 lbs . I made it to the 8 lb mark and then went up again and now seem to be stuck at the 6 lbs. I'm eating more fruit (bananas, clementines and blueberries). My arthritis and fibro have flared this week, so I am trying to add more fish oil. My eye doctor claims that when I am taking 3 thousand grams a day that my pain will be much less. I am 2500 grams, but not getting much relief.
Wish I had an avocado tree, but I would be the only one eating them in the house. Dear hubby doesn't like them. I will buy them for guacamole when the girls are home for a visit. I had to laugh at your need for a small chainsaw. I was pruning an out of control hibiscus at the back porch. I needed loppers...where did hubby put them. He said, "we don't have any loppers!". Guess we used imaginary loppers in the past.

Sharon @ Funken Wagnel said...

Well done on the weight loss!

I hope I can grow avocadoes like you one day, that would be my dream.

THE Fat Lemon said...

You have your own coffee and avocado trees???? Good grief I live in the wrong jealous right now. And wicked great on the weight loss!