Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Holding a Steady Flight Pattern.

I'm holding steady. 

That is, the weight loss is holding steady.     I am eating avocados nearly every meal and 
  Smoko as us  bush Australians called morning tea.  I think it's short for smoke and cuppa time in the old pioneering days.

I have avocado, salt, pepper, vinegar 'cause I don't have lemon or lime juice to flavour all mushed up, on plain rice thins / cakes.  The only calories are in the avo.    I scoop huge amounts on my rice cake and happily munch away while thinking happy thoughts.  Just so nice. 

No weight loss and I do not expect any with a diet like that.  I'm even prepared to add on a kilo.  

I'm off now to check the trees for more ready to pick.   Avocados don't really ripen on the tree so you have to guess when to pick them for optimum flavour.  I know nothing about this so it's all guess work.
I have given lots away and will keep passing them on.  Now... if I lived on a main road I would have a little stand out the front and sell them.    More fuel money for road trips!


Karen said...

Avocado - mmmmm super scrummy!!! Love 'em! I can't remember if they are good or bad for you, probably as they're so nice, they're bad somewhere down the line. Typical!!!! Anyway, we have to have something nice in life otherwise what's the point! Enjoy!

Lydia La La said...

Spot on Karen... life's too short to miss out on them. this our first proper crop as a cyclone came through a year or more ago and broke a few branches off them. it was fruiting time but not a lot on. xo

Hilary said...

I cannot believe you have your OWN avocados....omg.......I would be sick from eating them.

THE Fat Lemon said...

mmmm avocado! Please eat a bunch for me, I'd offer to take on any weight gain for you but I'm not THAT kind :)