Monday, April 30, 2012

The birds are singing. It's a beautiful day.

It is Autumn  here in our neck of the woods but the birds are singing as though it is Spring.  I love it.
It is a cool and sunny day with a slight breeze.  My agenda is to get my little seed beds planted up with some of my stash of non-hybrid goodies.      After that is the making of panties... for me.
 I never call them panties.  I don't know of any one who does.  Some Aussie slang coming up for this item of underwear.

Knickers,  undies,  daks,  underdaks,  bummers, duds, and smalls. I  bet the males have a few other choice names for them.  I call them knickers or undies.

I have to set myself up a little kitchen area downstairs where I can brew  a coffee.  I use that as an excuse when I want to have a break.  All I want is an electric jug, a couple of mugs, sugar and coffee.  Too easy.
I can keep it on top of the dryer.

  By the way.... I have to buy a new dryer.    The timer, the thermostat are broken and now the door pops open if something leans on it from inside.  I don't use it very much at all but it is there when I have to.  It is only 22 years old!   You'd think it would last longer......

Another item to be replaced is my printer.
 I had to print out super important information to give to a family so what did the printer do?
  It would only print out something with tiny letters and  a little bigger than a business card!
 We couldn't get it to alter.
   I phoned a friend... saved it to a memory stick and took it to her home to get printed out.

 Now... this 'stuff' is highly confidential so what does she do?
 Stand behind me so she could read it!!!!   She is a Dorrie.   { Aussie slang for sticky beak or nosey parker.}    Not  a happy little Vegemite!

 I wanted to do up some letters asking for donations for a Cent Sale to raise funds for Variety, the children's charity.     That was easy.  Typed it up and emailed off to someone with a working printer to  complete.

Anyway, I'm off to become productive!  Take care and take care of each other.    xo


Sewconsult said...

Got a good laugh from all the names for panties! A friend's grandmother called them "step-ins"!
Sorry about your dryer & printer. They usually happen in 3's here at our house.

Lydia La La said...

Yes, Becky I'm waiting for the 3rd breakdown. We used to call control undies 'step-ins'.. They came in after heavy duty corsets. my Mum would squeeze herself into a heavily boned corset and long lined bra, even in the heat and humidity of summer just to frikken keep up appearances! If you're fat... you're fat. Can't disguise it, just dress nicely. xo

THE Fat Lemon said...

In Canada we have a few choice names, mainly that kids use: ginch, gonch, butt-floss....I like the Aussie way Knickers! I couldn't imagine wearing "step-ins" and control undies in that kind of heat. You're spot on, just dress nicely with clothes that fit and most of the work is done. Sometimes I think people go to all that trouble to hide their weight from themselves coz we can all see it whether you're strapped in or not. Accept your body for what it is and move on through life. That's my mantra for today :)

Karen said...

I heard the birds at 4am this morning too, a gorgeous chorus before we wake up properly!! Enjoy life, enjoy each other, take care x

Sharon @ Funken Wagnel said...

I haven't heard 'Dorrie' in ages! We often say 'have an Esme' for have a sticky beak (remember Esme Watson from A country practice?)

Hope you sort out a dryer quickly. It's always in this freezing weather that they die, isn't it?

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

I am the same as Sharon... we used to say having an Esme but now we have perfected the death stare.

50% more effective.