Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Life gets in the way of posting.

Where does the time go?  I get up early but spend too much time on the internet.    Like now!  I should have a load of washing on, out weeding a garden ready to plant corn and get some sewing done.

The day is cool and sunny and  it would be such a delight to be out in the garden.   Planting season does not wait.  So... this is short and sweet.

 I think I'm actually finding myself.   I do not want to be what my partner expects, nor do I have to be what my daughter expects.  I think this is why I love to travel.  I can be myself. No one knows me.
 I'm on a journey of more self discovery,   so wish me luck.   xo


Sharon @ Funken Wagnel said...

I can so relate to what you've said on here! I have a nasty case of the 'I should's' and the wanting to take some time for myself for similar reasons.

Sewconsult said...

Ditto! I stay up too late, on the computer & then wonder why I have a hard time waking in the morning. I should have started a loud of laundry before I sat down in here. I've been searching for a while, but every time I think that I have myself figured out, someone else tells me differently. Not happy with myself for a long time and I am tired of being what everyone else wants.

Karen said...

I think we all need our own "me" time to just be ourselves and not have to be what everyone else wants us to be. I do crafting and disappear into my own world that way.....lovely....have fun being yourself! Karen x

THE Fat Lemon said...

Go Lydia! Be who you are, be who you want to be, dodge those that expect you to be something that suits their needs. Much love from the Lemon :)