Thursday, May 17, 2012

A lot about a lot.

A friend's road in New York state

It's planning time.

 Planning a road trip to Melbourne that may be happening within the month and that means......warm clothes.      Now, where I live in Australia there is not a huge call for heavy duty warm clothes at all.
  I have some cardigans and a couple of jackets that are sufficient.   These damn clothes won't wear out!
I can't justify giving them away and buying new because I am the Queen of Frugal.  So, year after year I'm in the same ole same ole stuff.     Lucky I'm into the age on invisibility so it doesn't matter what I wear.  Well..... unless it is some gorgeous outlandish, beautifully bright gear.   I used to love my 'hippie' days.  * big sigh*

In the meantime life has been interesting.  Catching up with friends over coffee.   Some eating out has been done too.      Seeing long lost relatives.     Nursing a new baby.   Love a baby as long as it's not my responsibility and  thank god that can't happen any more.    Walking and exploring along our creek bank where there are interesting rock formations.  Two totally different types of rock are set as though in their molten time they were poured out of a few different containers and flowed in stripes.   I've never seen this any where else and I have been a rock hopper/ looker for years!  

Picking roses, picking fruit and not doing a lot  in the garden.  Buying a new battery for my car 3 days after we had to replace the battery in the old Toyota Landcruiser!    Not bad prices at $147 and $135.   We could not be bothered shopping around as we get all our tyre work done there and he doesn't even charge half the time for the ride on mower tyre patches or little jobs.  We appreciate that.

Visited my mother and discovered after her being there since December 2010 that they have a HAPPY HOUR once a fortnight!!!!!  Wine, beer and a cupcake paper with nibbles.  Who'd have thought?  I love it. 

  But, afterwards I had to quietly point out the dirt and spiders in her room that have been there over 6 weeks!   I got a phone call 5.30pm yesterday from the head health person to tell me how short staffed they are and that it is all sorted now.  I didn't carry on like a 2 bob watch as the old saying goes. Just mentioned it quietly as there's no need to embarrass anyone.   Now, I just have to keep taking out the magazines she hoards......

Another bitch...       (you can take that 2 ways )   my sister, the one that lives in Mum's home and only pays half the power and phone, no rent etc has brought in a framed photo of her and placed it in a prominent spot.     No other photos for Mum to see of her family.   Not the large collage that Mum did up of family random shots that she loves.  Nah.... .  I don't go around to check on the house because I don't want to be threatened again by the brother and if it was all good enough for them to be parasites for 5 years or so before Mum had to go into care, then  it's not worth my worrying.

  The sister did replace Mum's glasses that broke.  Well.... I think she did.
 Maybe it was some of the staff.


Eccentricess said...

Love the happy hour and all nursing homes are short staffed and overworked. Businesses run by business-people keep their services to a level that is tolerated, not necessarily tolerable.
Coming to Melbourne! Whoohooo! Bring gloves, umbrella, beanie and a scarf as well, tis a cold, wet, winter we are having this year.

Sewconsult said...

The first place where my mother was, had a happy hour once a month. My mother, a non-drinker, just turned up her nose, but I suggested that she might enjoy it. She can turn up her nose about many things, even at me.
I wish we could have Spring or Fall temps all year round. I hate hot and don't care too much for the really cold days. We had a very mild winter and too warm for Spring. Good thing is that we have such lush green color in the trees and grass. Stay warm.

Lydia La La said...

Never thought of the business side of the facility....
I'm up s*#t creek for Melbourne. Got no gloves,beanie but have the brolly and scarves. Just got news just now that my partner's sister has passed away so we will have to rethink plans... She lived at Beechworth.. xo

Lydia La La said...

Mothers! We're all a bit 'funny'. I'm looking forward to some cold. Still not wearing anything winterish yet. Hope your Mum is coping with it all. It must not be easy for them.

karen said...

Oh my you have been busy. Sorry about Sis. Hope things get better. At my on and off again boyfriends cabin he has this giant rock . One of many, that looks like an alagator head on one side and a t-rex on the other. He looked at me funny one day when I was telling someone what our rock looked like. But the next time we were there he pointed out which side was which. I am happy he saw it.

Karen said...

Love the sound of the happy hour!!! Even if you don't drink, there's other things to enjoy. I like the sound of that...!