Sunday, April 8, 2012

Crying ages you. Keeping busy and reading Eden's updates from Africa.

I looked in the mirror properly this morning and nearly died!
  I have aged about  five years in the last  three weeks...   What happened?    I am so traumatised over little Lisa's suicide that I have to make a huge effort to stop thinking of her and the whole situation and have been crying lots.

 This has been productive with my working at keeping busy.   A little extra house cleaning,  paper sorting and burning. Love a fire!   And sewing.

Tomorrow we are driving 6 hours to be there for my cousin at  his wife's funeral. 
  She was 72 and  had that  mongrel,  Ovarian cancer. 
She has  had a full life and they are quite wealthy.   I know they say that money doesn't matter but I always say,  that's not true.     If I had to be ill I'd  prefer to be wealthy and ill than poor and ill.

 It's a no brainer to me.

Eden Riley    just  posted from Heathrow airport London on her journey home from Niger in Africa where she has travelled courtesy of   World Vision.      She is traumatised.   So much to do and so little time and money and influence to do it with.  Politics play a huge roll in many different countries of Africa with dictators and insane army leaders causing havoc for the citizens.  A neighbouring country,   MALI is in turmoil with many killings and who know if this will spill over into Niger with all the problems that will bring.

  If you don't want to give to the professional aid organisations you can make a difference by lending money to KIVA who finance poor people to start or improve their little businesses in many countries.

We waste so much on "stuff" that we do not need,  only want.  If only we could simplify our lives to free up the dollars to help make a difference in these situations.  After reading Eden's blog. Edenland I am now so aware of  unnecessary spending.  I'm not too bad at saving as I am the Queen of Frugal.

Other world aid organisations are in Africa also trying to help with health and food issues.  There are many ways we can help. 

I'm sorry for being so gloomy. 

 Can you please pass the word about the food shortages in Africa?


Eccentricess said...

Cleansing is good at such a time.
Sorry to hear of another loss, especially so close to the last one. But total yey for 72! Awesome effort. :-D

Wow about Eden, hey! I am going to catch up on her posts now. :-)

Karen said...

If only we could learn the lessons earlier, everyone would have a better life. We don't "need" stuff we just follow the sheep. Well some do, I don't! Neither do you Dell. Keep smiling hun x

Lydia La La said...

so glad we are not Sheeple, Karen. I'm smiling! XO

kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

I reckon I aged about 10 years in a couple of months after The Big Bad Thing that I can't talk about.

And probably because I couldn't talk about it.

Drink water. Exercise. Look after yourself.

It is OK to be sad. But you need to think of you first.