Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Why do cats hate cat cages?


Another gorgeous day in Queensland today.    Sunny and cool. Some say 'cold'.

Ugly little creatures.  Even make humans very ill.

I planned on taking the cat to the vet to get help because he has had two Paralysis ticks on his face.
 I took one off one day and then another the next,   thinking they were ordinary,  cattle ticks. 
My next door neighbour had taken her cat to the vet for the same problem and that made me wake up! 
 Duh!  The cat had been dopey with enlarged pupils.  A little wonky and weak in the back legs.  Sure signs of Paralysis tick poisoning.

Soooo..... I put the cat in the car to take him to the neighbours to borrow her cat/dog carrier.  I got the cat in the cage under protest but my neighbour didn't hold the door closed firmly  enough and out he scooted into the bush!   Bugger.  This ticks also affects the back legs and I was despairing of him being able to make it home at night.  I had no fear of him not knowing where to go even though it was about 200 metres away.   He free ranges, catching rats and mice all over the country.  It is not a highly populated area.

Yep.... I kept calling him all day in between cleaning and then after dark, he answers me.    Boy... I was so relieved.   I grabbed the spotlight torch and went looking for him.   He was no worse than if he had stayed at home, sleeping on my bed all day!

We are off to the vet tomorrow.

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