Thursday, July 5, 2012

The visit to the vet.

Serves me right for boycotting our local, useless veterinary practice.

I took the cat to the vet near Mackay for treatment this morning. No mishaps this time.
They wanted over $300 for the  same treatment, actually less... than the Sarina vet charged  $193 for???????    
OK.. it is a totally new building, purpose built . Also, the practice had recently treated a horse for Hendra virus and may be losing customers... BUT.... is that any good reason to charge so much extra?  
  Local vet charged $ 68 for vaccine, Ooralea vet,  $130.    Moral of the story is:  always ask the prices for services.   A lesson learned and no, I did not use that vet. Paid the $69.70 for the consultation and hot tailed it out of there.

I must say that the vet was so nice and a tiny little gorgeous blonde.  Female!

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