Friday, July 6, 2012

Watch the World Events and become educated.

Just thought I'd pass on this news item to alert you to the games the huge chemical/pharmaceutical play.   I never use any medications that I haven't researched  the side effects of or discover that it is not really needed.  Natural Health is best.
Of course there are many illnesses that can not be cured naturally and need  chemicals.  I'm not silly or naive.    Try to be aware of  the over servicing by the medical profession. 
 You can defy the doctors and refuse prescriptions that will do you not once ounce of good.  The best example of this is the statin family of drugs so very freely handed out for high cholesterol.    So many sad stories of permanent muscle and joint damage. 

All I can advise is:  RESEARCH,  RESEARCH, RESEARCH.

PS.      The cat is getting better!

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