Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just a little weary.

What a bloody waste of time it was having a garage sale last Saturday.   It had been raining all week and the sun came out on Thursday so decided to carry on with the plans.   I worked like a Trojan from Friday 10 till around 9pm getting it all ready and priced.

We got a nice amount of people through BUT they didn't want to buy.     It was only a day's outing for them and a sticky beak at where people lived etc etc.    Most of them were a little 'different' !  
 I'd go so far as to mention the  'weird'  word.   We weren't the only ones to have this opinion of the crowd.

Anyway.... now  we give the nice things to the Op Shop and the rest to the dump.       

    I am absolutely buggered... still!   My back and hips are killing me.  So much so  that I am actually going to get  help.

 I've made a Dr's appt for Friday.    I went to the Dr  yesterday to get my thyroid problems diagnosed...   That is,   if it is thyroid problems.    I have all the symptoms and this time I was cranked up and insisted that I get some bloody answers to my tiredness, my hair  loss, my drying skin,
my weight gain, my sleeping problems, etc, etc. 

 I'll get the results of the blood tests on Friday.

They will be interesting as I asked for Testosterone levels to be measures!!!


Annie said...

Sorry to hear the garage sale wasn't a success. Hope the blood tests are much more successful.
A x

Janet, said...

Hope you get to feeling better. Yard sales are a lot of hard work! I had one at the beginning of the month. Much work and low pay.

Lydia La La said...

Thank you Annie. My previous blood tests come back normal except when I had Ross River virus.. For once.. I'm hoping for something wrong! xo

Lydia La La said...

Did you make a fortune, Janet with your sale? At least I am getting rid of junk to the rubbish dump. And, the Op shop will benefit too.

Karen said...

Hope you get some answers soon. It's not just the UK which has some useless medical staff then who don't listen! If you find a good one, keep them to hand! Let me know how it all goes - if they listened to us patients, it wouldn't take as long would it!!! Karen xx

Lydia La La said...

The drs I use are a husband and wife and come to us fresh from Dublin but are New Zealanders. They are great. He is more so. Very tenacious and thorough. I just don't tell them much about my problems usually. I seem to think I deserve to be in pain.. buggered if I know where that comes from.... hugs XXOO

THE Fat Lemon said...

I hope you find the answers to your health issues Lydia - sounds a lot like what the ex-husband went through when he was diagnosed with low thyroid as well. It's great to hear you have good drs on your team, just keep at it until you find answers. Thinking of you!

Lydia La La said...

thank you. It will be interesting to learn the blood results. If nothing shows up I might have to go to a Naturopath, go vegan and eat seaweed 3 times a day to get my iodine! How's that little doggie?