Sunday, July 29, 2012

I have the blood of a very healthy person! Was it mixed up with some one elses?


Well... that's that!    The blood test results have shown that I am healthy.

 At least, my blood is healthy.  I even have enough testosterone to keep me pumped.    The only answer I can come up with is,  that it's all stress and diet related.     I have tried not to let  things stress me or take on other people's problems as mine any more.

A bad habit in my past.  Press my buttons and I jump to help you.

I am so relieved really.    No it's all down to me and my lack of will power.    I will be back to the lovely doctor to get answers for the back, side, and front pains!

I had a lovely sleep in today.  I woke at 20 to 5am and got on the net to catch up on blog reading.   Got sleepy pretty quickly so closed up and off I went. I woke up at 9.15am!!!    I never heard a thing.   I felt so much better all day.    Got a lot of patchwork squares sewn in long strips for a queen size bed cover.
Did some housework too. 

It was the most beautiful sunny cool day here.    I even put a colour in my hair that turned out my ideal colour.   My hair really sucks up the dye and it all turns out black.  Well.... except for light brown or blonde.  This is called Chestnut and is  lovely mid to dark brown.   I'll be stocking up on that brand and colour.  

Take care every one and look after yourselves and your loved ones.  xo


Annie said...

Really glad the blood tests went well. Lets hope you are feeling 100% very soon.
A x

Lydia La La said...

thank you Annie... I have to really look into my eating habits and include more raw and less cooked food. xo

Sharron said...

I had a similar set of tests a couple of years back now, it was both a relief and horror to realize that there was nothing actually medically wrong with me and that it was all within my control through my eating and stress head habits. And so started the overhaul, its a long road, but I will get there, and so will you I am sure

Feel better soon

Lydia La La said...

I know exactly what you mean by relief and horror, Sharron! SO... has your health improved as a result of diet changes etc? I'm off to the dr again tomorrow to see what else can be done. xo

Janet, said...

I'm a little late commenting, but I'm glad your blood tests came back okay. From experience, I can tell you stress can really mess you up. A year or so ago it caused me to be put on blood pressure medicine. Hope everything comes out okay, diet is also very important to our health.