Thursday, August 2, 2012

Help... Does any one know why the blogs I follow do not all show up in my side bar????

Also,  why doesn't my blog title show up in others that follow me?     I'm stymied! 

  I love the blogs I follow and feel an affinity with the writers/authors/bloggers.
 What do we call ourselves?     I  have them all bookmarked and some emailed to my inbox, so I don't miss out on my daily fix..
If you can direct me to a solution, I would be most grateful.

I'm having fun and frustrations making up some picture boards for an 18th birthday party.    I was so proud of myself for remembering that I have plain flat,  polystyrene boards that would be suitable.
I had printed out heaps of photos... eventually.... and was nearly at the stage of burning my printer, along with my useless Dyson Vac.    Why have 2 fires when 1 would get rid of both!  
So... I bought some thumb tacks and other pointy things and proceeded to pin them up.

 I drew  hearts with a glue stick,  sprinkled glitter on them and  took  manoeuvred the board out side to shake it off to see my handiwork.     Well.... all the pins popped!  
   My partner told me that he thought it would do that when I told him.    What the?????    A bit of BS there, I think.
  He watched me do a lot of it and stayed silent.... gggrrrrr.

 Just as well that I found out the problem here at home, rather than a few hours before the party.
  I then  tried longer, thicker tacks.       Nah..       I tried Tacky Craft Glue.       Not too bad.  
 I tried spray on adhesive.  Not really reliable. 

 Then, on the suggestion of  my know it  all after the fact bloke helpful mate, I bought Blu-Tac and  tried that.    We have lift off!!!   I now have to  put little bits of Blu-Tac on each corner of each photograph and hope they all stay adhered to the boards until after the party.

Went back to the doctor today to get answers re. the hair loss.  NONE!   Can't help me at all.  Suggested seeing a dermatologist if I liked.  I'll think about it.

The poor doctor was so rushed and behind time.     He apologised for our having to wait over 50 minutes.
He is a great GP and is thorough and tenacious.  Explains things well too.      Love him and his wife, also a GP.  They came here from 5 years in Ireland and Dublin mainly.
I like to consult Dr. Google also.

Maybe I will have to do a hair dance in the light of the full moon Goddess to get my hair to regrow!


Annie said...

To get them to come up in my side bar I've found I have to add them by copying and pasting their blog link to the list one at a time. If you click on the little tools at the bottom of your side bar blog list you can then add them to your list.....if none of this makes sense please feel free to email me and I will do my best to 'talk' you through it.
A x

Lydia La La said...

Thank you Annie. I'll do it tomorrow. It's 9.30pm here. Your wedding photos show a beautiful bride and party and a lovely summer day. xo