Friday, August 10, 2012

Crop Cirlcles, Strange Light Orbs and UFOs.

I have a love for the mysterious and the unknown. All of the above fit that category....

 This year there has been many beautiful, intricate and unusual crop circles found in fields in a few different countries. The most prolific area  is Wiltshire in the UK and    the best site to keep up with the latest findings is The Crop Circle Connector site.  

Sure, there are some made by humans.  These can easily be identified by the uneveness and irregularity of the lines BUT the definite distinction between the two is that the alien made ones
have the stalks bent by something that does not break them.   They can be laying over and worked into the most intricate patterns and not a stem broken.

  Also, those that visit,  say there is a difference in the feelings experienced in them.    The alien ones have a peaceful feeling where as the man made ones just feel as though you are laying  in a field of wheat.   People are trying to figure out if there are any messages for us in these circles.  I think  they are like statistics.   You can skew your numbers to fit your arguments and there are some wild and wonderful guesses. 

An interesting one was made in a poppy field in England!   I think that's a first. 

 There is a beautiful crop circle that I am going to ask a jeweller to copy into a pendant.   I have the gold for it already in the form of a redundant wedding ring!

Who or what is causing is the increase in light orbs turning up in peoples'  photos and videos?
They seem to have two patterns.  Some are very bright with no pattern and the argument is that they are just water drops on the lens.  That may be so but the others zoom in and around people.  These have circles within circles and a blobby bit in the centre  that can look like a human face. 
A man said that one entered his chest and cured him.  Of what?  He didn't say.     They look to me like lost souls.....  just sayin' is all!  

It seems that UFO sightings are every where. In broad daylight over cities and the more common night time  sightings.   I have seen four.   Three were lights and each different. One was in the day and looked like a bulgy plane with no wings in a dull metallic colour.  so... An amber coloured light followed me in my car for 10 minutes.  It did not stay in the one place and when I speeded up to get out of it's way, it speeded up.  It went over into the trees about 150 metres out on the left , then above  and then back behind me to the left,         Shit scared is a good description for how I felt.   
They are out there!

In the nice weather we sit out on the back deck after dinner which we eat there anyway and look for meteors satellites and UFOs.  There has been two little white lights at different times in the sky. Once we were watching them and a plane was heading towards them. One took off to the west and one to the south east , quite fast. I doubt that they all would have been the same height.  another time we saw a solitary cloud go so very bright as though lit from an explosion within.  The next day my partner was watching a similar orb when it appeared to blow up with the same bright white light.

Another night we were watching the two orbs/lights when a huge, and I mean huge explosion of light came up from the ground not far the house. About 100 metres away.   The colours were the orange, reds and yellows of an explosion. It lit up the hills all around but there was no noise nor any smell. I have never seen a light like it. My mother witnessed it and she was also at a loss to what it was. Definitely not a spotlight or car lights.   I walked down the next day to look but all looked the same!

I haven't  prattled on too, too  much because Google will show you all the interesting bits if you want to know more.


Annie said...

One thing is for certain....we can't be the only living beings. Fab post.
A x

Sewconsult said...

The crop circle designs are certainly beautiful! Last week, my sister-in-law spotted some strange aircraft overhead in Dover, Delaware. Several of her friends said that they saw it, too. I heard later on the news that the government was admitting to a "secret" experimental something they had been testing. SO, I guess it wasn't a UFO, but a GFO=governmental flying object!

Janet, said...

Very interesting!

Julie said...

Thanks for the orb information, the second crop circle would be an amazing pendant, that's a great idea.