Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blame the laptop!

Even though I do love the laptop, I do not love it's keyboard!     It doesn't have enough definition and is difficult to type with.  The result being a reluctance to use it and that means less blog posts.    I'm going to look for another keyboard that is wireless and more user friendly.

I'm a happy little Vegemite lately.
 I have taken up my paint brushes to get the feel of painting again.

NO..... not house painting!        I have a white tablecloth that  had tropical fish transferred on so long ago and some fish painted so that's where I've started.   My hand was a bit unsteady to begin with from lack of confidence but now,  it's nearly back to normal.    I'm using ordinary acrylic paints with Jo Sonja's product added to turn it into fabric paint.       The lobsters look great and are red.  I know... that is the colour of cooked lobsters!  I only woke up after I had completed two.   Anyway, they really look like fresh water yabbies.....
I can't take any photos as my camera charger is still in Melbourne. 

The next project planned is a portrait 'style' of a grand daughter done a something like The Girl with the Pearl Earing but in a semi realistic way.   That will take the pressure off me to do it perfectly.   I'm all for de-pressurising!

I sew for a while and paint for a while over the days in about three periods a day.
  Amazing what gets done.
The sewing project is an easy 5 minute block quilt.   This will be sewn onto a queen sized sheet with no wadding.  We have nine months of summer so I want something that can be easily laundered. 
It is to be used and not put away in a cupboard.   I've used two shades of bright pink with white polka dots and a plain pink contrast.   I am NOT a quilter.. This will be my 3rd attempt. The first two were bassinet size and my friend had cut out the blocks and supplied the fabric. 

 I did not enjoy any part of the construction of those quilts and was pleased to see the last of them.

I'm an impatient person!


Annie said...

Gosh you do sound busy busy busy. I do hope we get to see pics of all your hard work.
A x

Janet, said...

My husband hates laptops, too. But I don't mind them. I wish I could get back into sewing and quilting, but since I've started writing, I just don't seem to have the time. I know how you feel, I am also impatient. Have fun with your painting.

Lydia La La said...

Thank you Janet. I say we do what makes us happy and forget the rest until we feel like doing that! xo

Bright Precious said...

Just catching up with your blog tonight, Lydia - and I'm impressed with all the little (and big) projects you do. I'm not crafty, but admire those who are. xx