Friday, October 5, 2012

Feckin swearing men and the mess they make.

You should see the mess out on the back area.  The decking floor is being replaced and there is shit everywhere.  Tools, timber, shoes?, ladder, steel trolleys. etc.     It is going to look beautiful when completed.   Rain held progress up for a little and it was a lovely,  timely break.

I don't do any of the work,  just hand a tool now and again,  give my expert advice, unasked and supply meals and coffee.     We have a friend who is being the paid help.

  I am slowly being driven insane!

The problem is that they have to bloody discuss every little move in great depth and then they get it wrong after all that.interspersed
All this in interspersed with lots of foul language.
Now, I'm  pretty broad minded and I can use the occasional, well placed swear word myself BUT
not all the feckin time!!!!     I had even thought of going away some where for a week and then I thought, why should I?    It will take money out of my tight,  frugal fist to pay for that,  through no fault of my own. So..... when the work begins again,  I shall protest nicely.  I will keep on their backs until they cease swearing or shut up entirely.....   Wish me luck.


Annie said...

Good luck. As my Grandma used to say there are enough words in our language without putting handles on it! :-)
A x

Karen said...

Just take yourself off each day and visit somewhere you haven't been in ages and enjoy it without swearing!!! The peace alone is worth it. Even if you just sit and watch the world go by in the car! Hope all improves soon! Karen x