Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Devastating news

On Thursday I received the news that my sister was taken off life support and passed away.  She is 3 years younger than me.     I was trying coming to terms with the fact that she is really gone and because she lived in Florida, she wouldn't have any of her siblings to see her off.

She had really fought a very brave fight against cancer.
My nephew, her son had driven the 15  or more hours from Nth Kentucky to be there with her husband when it came time to turn off the machines and to give support.
The next day, a little less than 24 hours later, he died while resting after not feeling well and vomiting.   
So.... we are sad, very angry, devastated, worried for his wife and 3 lovely children and trying to
support each other.
  I was going to phone him before he left Kentucky to let him know I loved him and have a safe trip but after phoning my sister's husband, I thought it was too late at night to be ringing him.
I really regret that  I didn't call him.


Eccentricess said...

Oh, that is heartbreaking news. I had to read it twice to really believe I had understood it correctly.
I am so sad for you and your family in this double tragedy. xx

Natalie said...

Oh Lydia - I am heartbroken for you and your family. Sending love and strength from my heart to yours xx

Myst_72 said...

So very sad Lydia.

I wish I had the right words.....

I'm so sorry xx

Karen said...

So very very sad, I wish I could say something but nothing takes away the pain, you have my virtual hugs and I only wish they were real ones. Sending love across the ocean to you. Take care of yourself and yours. Karen x


So sorry to haer your awful news...what can I say ...its too awful.
Do take care x

Vicky x

Miss Cinders said...

My heart aches for you :( I'm so sorry.


Lydia La La said...

Thank you for your lovely words. It is hard for me to face up to this but each day is brighter. I'm so grateful for a nice peaceful death for my nephew. Not murdered or crashed into by a drunk driver. XO