Saturday, November 3, 2012

Life goes on..... making soap and candles!

I am now a Soaper!    To keep my mind occupied and happier, I decided to get into some soap and candle making.   I've made soap before a few times and liked the process.  Luckily I had ordered a whole heap of  candle making 'stuff' for my daughter then decided that I wanted some too.

The candles are cute pink and white striped ones in glass containers with lids.  I used beautiful soy wax,  perfumed oils and  a tiny amount of  red colouring.  The colouring comes in quite small diamond shaped chips and is very economical as only a small amount is needed.    My finished product looks pretty amateurish but I will improve.   I need to get a decent pouring utensil.  You don't notice the drips and spills until the wax has dried!    

The soap is mostly unscented made with coconut oil,  canola, sunflower and olive oils.
I've been unsuccessfully shopping for Castor oil to add as this is supposed to make the soap even nicer.   Looks like another internet buy!   
This soap is smooth, sudsy and leaves my skin feeling yummy. You can use it to wash your hair AND your dog AND your baby.  There is nothing evil in it.

I have to use lye/caustic soda.  Apparently soap can not be made without it.   The process of saponification  neutralises any bad bits from the lye. 

I've given soap  to friends, after all we can only use so much and all bar one, who didn't comment, urged me to sell it.

To cut a long story short, 2 friends have offered without any urging from me, to sell the soap and candles at their market stalls!   How lovely is that?   They sell plants and woodwork so I am in no competition with them.  I may get some sales for Christmas with pretty gift baskets and then I will buy more supplies to keep on soaping.....

I thought of having the basic all round soap and also the pretty luxury ones that people pay a fortune for. 
So, this has helped me overcome some of my grief and in a productive way.

Thank you to my lovely on line friends for their kind comments.  I appreciate them.
I really wasn't aware of how much a few kind words do help and when I write condolences to others I am genuine  in my thoughts but did not think they would mean much to the person I was feeling for.

Maybe, I am wrong in thinking that because of how I felt with extra support.

Thanks Guys.  XO


Karen said...

So pleased to hear you're finding some comfort in life during this awful time. It's never easy but time does make it better and you never ever forget them. Take time for you and look after yourself. Love Karen x

Karen said...

I posted a comment yesterday but it's not appeared. You are always in my thoughts and even more so at the moment. You take care of you which is the most important thing. Love Karen x

Sharon @ Funken Wagnel said...

What an exciting time! I'd love to dabble in soap and candle making one of these days, but how wonderful that you have mates offering to sell it! It all sounds very satisfying:)

Anonymous said...

Great posting but I don't know that I agree. But then, people consider me tricky at the best of times! Appreciate it.
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