Monday, December 24, 2012

A wonderful Merry Christmas to all!

I apologise for my lack of posts.  I lost heart and have thought of calling it a day.   I'm stalking lots of blogs though!    I love all the different styles of writing and your different lives.   From totally frivolous to the heart wrenching...     Thank you for efforts!

It will be Christmas Day tomorrow for us in Australia and there is excitement in the air!   We are doing low key this year.  Not that we go over board with festivities any other year!!!!
Children make the difference for me and  not worth the hassle just for us.

We have received much needed rain and that makes for a lovely present for us.  We lease our land to a stud cattle breeder and the pastures were getting a little low.    They are managed well by only grazing the cattle in each cell / paddock for a few days.   We have six large cells, all with water laid on.  It's surprising how fast the grass regenerates.

Take care and love each other.   XO


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Sharron said...

Merry Christmas Lydia, here's to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013