Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Soap and Whinges. Not my usual self here!

This smells gorgeous.

                   I am still in love with soap making and   I plan on learning as much as my little brain will retain about  it all.   I love the wonderful soapies who so very generously share their knowledge on the Internet.
Thank you so much. 

  We are a little limited in Australia with the fragrance and essential oils end of the process.  What is available, costs an arm and a leg....    I've now spent a fortune so I have to carry on and have a stall at some markets in our area to get some money back!   .  It will kill me physically,  I know,  but there are effective pain killers on the market!

This is the whinging, whining part.  

My bloody weight is sky rocketing and I now have a dodgey, dicky  (sore )  knee.
 It began as achy and sore to touch behind my left knee,  moved further to the right side, then over onto the front.
I, of course,  have consulted Dr Google with no answers being found.  It looks like I may have to actually..... god forbid..... consult the medical profession!

I do like my 2 doctors and semi trust them.     Then to fucking throw fuel on the fire,   I broke a tooth, right in the bottom front.   On a soft potato chip, of all things... Right off at the bottom, leaving a feral gap!
This was while I was in Townsville to meet up with my daughter who flew up from Brisbane.
We had planned a day's road trip to do the tourist thing.  So after the tooth breaking and the accompanying cursing,         I go to the car to throw a few things in while my daughter finished her make up and there was a feckin scrape on the rear of the car.   Some one must have driven  in to park just a little too close!    I was extremely cranky and went in to the office to see if they had CCTV.    Nuh....    The car next to me had just driven in as the bonnet over the motor was really hot and the water run off from the air conditioner had just started.    I still believe he was responsible.

The manager got his mobile number for me and his name for me to talk with him.   I didn't ring him for some reason.
Maybe, I felt sorry for him as it was an older car and had those stupid family stickers on the back window.      I took photos.

  My daughter and I had a great day touring but each time I came back to the car, I felt a little sick!
We enjoyed the next two days together and then she flew out and I drove the 5 hours home.

I rang the insurance company only to be told that  the excess was $500.00.    The car already has a $2000.00 panel beating job to be done and so I thought I would get these scrapes fixed at the same time for less than the $500.00.

Took the car in to get it looked at.  He  rubbed at it and said to hang on while he went and got some magic water.   He came back and proceeded to clean off all the white paint left on it and now, if you look hard you can see 2 tiny scratches.       I was so pleased that I had not phoned the suspected culprit and bothered him too,  just before Christmas.

 So... there was a guardian angel.... for both of us.


Tors @ placestheywillgo said...

OH MY GOD, LYDIA! Im still catching up on my blogs but did you just SWEAR on your blog???
I'm liking it.
You said to me once, on one of my posts, that you wished you could swear on your blog. It's YOUR blog! Of course you fucking can!
I hope your knee is feeling better?
Tory xx

Lydia La La said...

I reckon I'd like you Tory if we ever met! A girl after my own heart! A little emphasis is needed some times. xo