Thursday, January 31, 2013

It is hard to stay optimistic! Floods, Fires and Tornadoes.

I won't put up pictures of the devastation along the east coast of Australia.  There are so many already.

I really don't know how we can help the victims of the fires and the floods and the tornadoes.

I will not give money to the Red Cross.

I do not trust the Red Cross any more after it was discovered that they kept at least a third of the money that was donated to the Bali Bombing victims and families.   I do not know if the whole of this money was ever distributed as it should have been after their greediness and fraud was discovered.    The Red Cross promised not to do this again so the Victorian government let them handle the donations for the bushfire victims of  Black Saturday,  February 2009.

 I wonder if ALL the monies, amounting to over 25 million dollars was given to the ones entitled to it.

 Also,   who kept the interest paid for these monies invested in interest bearing deposits?


Janet, said...

At the risk of sounding stingy and uncaring, we don't donate that much to such places, because you really don't know where your money is going. We stopped donating to the people who call you on the phone all the time,because when you donate to one, I think they spread the word and you are ambushed with calls from everyone else and a person can't afford to donate to everyone.

Karen said...

I only donate to charities I personally have knowledge of. I have seen street collectors in action, not nice. Hope the gout is ok, get the right meds and it is easier, Mum's certainly is. I'm always here with a listening ear for you. Shame we are opposite sides of the world. Take care, Karen xx