Sunday, January 27, 2013

The body is failing!

               I'm  a wreck! 

 I went to consult the doctor again last week after having a dodgy knee for about 2 months.  
 An X ray the week before had shown 'mild arthritis'.

We all know X rays do not show up soft tissue very well and I don't know why she went that way.  Maybe to keep the guy in business.         So,  the diagnosis is " Runner's Knee" !!!!   I must have got this from many years ago when I actually ran.   I knew it was tendon related because I'm  like that.
  I can self diagnose pretty damn good!      I have a few sensible exercises to do twice a day.  [sometimes].     There is improvement.

I was optimistic about being pain free so started to look through some travel brochures,  planning a trip over seas.  Dreaming is good for your spirit.   I was drooling over a 21 days coach trip to the UK and wondering if this is the way to go and easier than hiring a car and doing the B & B thing.
B & B's are NOT cheap any more!!!   A tent might be a better idea.

Nek minnit!!!   I wake up with a very sore big toe joint that then progressively worsens.   I consult Dr. Google with my suspicions and sure enough......   Feckin  GOUT!!!       I thought only people that drank alcohol got that....  wrong.    After a lovely hot soak in various herbs and spices, it felt better.
3 painkillers  helped  get a good sleep.  This morning it's improved but is swollen with the tell tale red mark.       The toe pain totally puts the knee pain in the 'minor' category.     This too shall pass.

It's Sunday here and I plan on making  a batch of soap.  The sun is out with a vengeance, drying up the puddles and it's too bloody hot to be doing too much work.    Soap making is ideal.  See how I'll go with the standing needed to do this.     The humidity  has made my unwrapped soaps sweat.   They may all have to go in the oven to gently dry off.  I'm hoping that this will happen naturally when  the weather changes. 
We've just received an invitation to go to a friend's for lunch so I'm going to take a bowl of lightly stewed mango and look around the pantry for something else to go with it. 
Take care. xo 

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