Friday, January 25, 2013

Is it Drama for attention or just because we can????

I   read quite a few blogs because I am a blogaholic. 

 The common threads running through many  of these are  sadness,  worry,  turmoil,  troubles,  boredom and low self esteem.
 There are  many  happy,   contented bloggers out there too ...

   I can end up in tears  after reading some blogs.  I know I am a sook so that accounts for some tears but not all of them.

Is it a sign of the times or is it that social media encourages  the airing of our lives whether for good or bad?   
There are bloggers that milk the most they can out of a tragedy, even months later.
I know there are horrible events in our lives.    I've been through many of  them.   

But,  do we want to move forward gently and slowly heal  or do we want  to drag it out to keep the readers  coming back.     I don't know.   Every one has their own ideas on coping and every one's blog is their own.  The content is theirs and I know I can move on and not read, which I do.

It's like TV..... just switch channels!

I love the funny girls, the travel tales, the amazing quilting women and  the self sufficiency blogs.

I totally approve of making money from blogs.   Who would want to pay for child minding and  risk the ill treatment of your babies?     Who wants to pay for working clothes when you can earn the bikkies in your pyjamas?    You go girls!!!    Just don't be milking your tragedy for all it's worth.   Boring.....

So much to choose from.    And that is what it is all about..... choice.

I'm sorry if I stood on toes.

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